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Our Sustainable Action

Econyl Material: Econyl is a type of material created by the Italian firm Aquafil. It is made from synthetic waste, including industrial plastic, waste fabric, and fishing nets retrieved from the ocean. This is significant because it addresses the issue of plastic pollution and waste in oceans. By utilizing these discarded materials, Ocean & I is participating in a circular economy, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional production methods.

Recycling Process: Aquafil's process involves recycling the collected synthetic waste and transforming it into a new nylon yarn. This yarn is of the same quality as virgin nylon, which means it can be used to create high-quality products without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

Sustainable Swimwear: Ocean & I focuses on creating luxurious swimwear designs using Econyl. The emphasis on high quality and long-lasting materials contributes to sustainability by promoting durability and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This approach aligns with the principles of sustainable fashion, which encourages consumers to invest in quality items that have a longer lifespan.

Ocean & I's choice to use Econyl in its surf and swimwear represents a commitment to environmental sustainability. By incorporating recycled materials into their products, the company not only helps reduce the amount of plastic waste in the oceans but also provides consumers with stylish and durable options that contribute to a more sustainable world. This type of eco-friendly approach in the fashion industry is essential for minimizing the environmental footprint and fostering responsible consumer choices.

Our Production Process 

Partnership with a Small Business in Bali: Ocean & I has chosen to collaborate with a small business in Bali, managed by an individual named Sri, for its production process. This decision reflects a conscious effort to support and sustain small, local enterprises. Working with small businesses can have positive social and economic impacts, as it often contributes to the livelihoods of local communities and helps in the development of sustainable business practices.

Remote Work for Employees: The statement mentions that all employees have their own setup at home. This indicates a flexible and remote work model, allowing employees to work from the comfort of their homes. This approach can be beneficial in terms of work-life balance, reducing commuting-related environmental impacts, and potentially supporting a diverse and distributed workforce.

Treatment with Honesty and Respect: Ocean & I emphasizes that all employees are treated with honesty and respect. This commitment to fair and respectful treatment aligns with ethical and sustainable business practices, contributing to a positive working environment and fostering a sense of well-being among employees.

Business Growth with Sustainability in Mind: By incorporating the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, Ocean & I aims to increase business growth sustainably. This suggests that the company believes that by considering the well-being of people, the impact on the planet, and financial success simultaneously, they can achieve long-term and sustainable growth.

Ocean & I's collaboration with a small business in Bali, the emphasis on respectful treatment of employees, and the incorporation of the Triple Bottom Line framework demonstrate a commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices. This approach aligns with a broader vision that recognizes the interconnectedness of social, environmental, and economic considerations in the business world.

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